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Solutions Par Excellence - Our excellence, Functioning as an extension of the client’s organization we provide complete scope of services, from feasibility studies, project development to engineering, construction, commissioning, O&M, and obtaining the necessary Discom permits and more.
We provide full support for the successful installation of Solar Inverters and offer our assistance in the overall commissioning of the plant. We guide our customers with the best solar solutions which can help generate power for a period of 25 years or longer.
The Solar generation is also remotely monitored from our Corporate office in Delhi and all alerts are put in place for any non-functioning in the generation system.

  • Site survey and studies
  • Seek Feasibility
  • Project Development & Design
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

Maintenance and Cleaning of Solar Plant - The Solar Modules need periodic cleaning for effective power generation and in order to ensure proper maintenance, our installation team extends complete guidance to the staff of the Client and demonstrates the correct procedure for the first couple of times.
Any assistance required for this cleaning operation is fully provided to ensure record unit generation on long term basis.
All our installations are inspected on monthly basis for any kind of defects such as hot spots on the Modules that may arise due to natural phenomenon’s or any difficulty with the Solar Inverters which can be rectified at the earliest to avoid any generation loss.

Quality Control Certifications - Our Company is an ISO Certified unit and have obtained quality control certifications under ISO:9001-2008 and ISO 14001- for complete control on the Quality Standards in our working systems.

System Location -
We are competent and prepared to design and install a Solar Power plant at any location in Delhi NCR, and in the North Indian states of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan.

Scope of Works -

  • Application for Net Metering with the State Electricity Board or the Discom
  • System Design and Line Diagram
  • Installation, Integration & Testing as per the guidelines given by MNRE
  • Commissioning of Entire System
  • Plant Monitoring and Handing Over the Plant
  • Drawings and Documents Submission

Vision of our Company

We are always grateful to our first Solar Project of a Gurdwara Building in Delhi that we completed in early 2016, which gave us the blessings of almighty and encouraged our team of Engineers and Installers to work in this field of Solar.

We have a vision to make our efforts in both Horizontal and Vertical directions by adding more products in our portfolio of Solar equipments and with manifold growth in sales figures every year. After begining as an EPC company since January 2016, we focussed on doing more of EPC projects which we completed in year 2016. But since we are always very much facinated by the quality of SMA Solar Inverters that we have always used in all our EPC projects, in the year 2017 we had a substantial growth in procurring or importing these world class inverters from Germany and China, reselling the same to other reputed EPC companies all over India with full support from our SMA India office in Delhi.

We attained a position of SMA trading partners and distributors after clocking purchase of much more than 10 MW of Inverters, the target given to us  by SMA office in India. We are going to touch a total purchase of more than 15 MW this financial year 2017-18. Our target set for the coming year 2018-19 is to import more than 30 MW of these Inverters from Germany and China combined.
Apart form these inverters, we have added the major solar product of Photovoltaic Modules from the best Indian Manufacturer “ Vikram Solar Limited” to our product portfolio.

A company manufacturing Solar modules in India since last 15 years and our first choice for all the roof top solar power plants, we are fortunate to work as dealers and distributors for the state of Punjab in North India.

We aim to sell Solar Modules, a total quantity of 6 MWp for the financial year 2018-19 for a turnover of Rs. 12.0 Crores apart from Inverters for a turnover of Rs. 15.0 Crores and BOS (Balance of System) for a total consolidated sales turnover of Rs. 1.00 Crore.The total sales turnover aimed for next financial year is INR  28.0 Crores.

In addition to the above products, we are also going to start assembling and manufacturing of Solar Combiner boxes such as Array Junction Boxes and AC Distribution Boxes for different comfigurations based on the design of strings required in inverters which shall include the best available switchgears and protection devices to safeguard the Solar inverters for 25 years or more.
Our team of Engineers will grow in the next 2-3 years and they will be trained under the programmes conducted by SMA in their academy in Mumbai, India and Niestetal, Germany.
We look forward to train them to attend to the customers and provide them with installation support along with maintainence of these roof top solar plants which will be the need of the hour in next few years from now.

With top leading vendors and solar products manufactures we acquire these solutions. Right after we receive the goods our quality adepts start with their quality checking process as we wish to introduce in the market goods that are flawless and at par with customers expectations. Services like Solar EPC Service and Solar System Installation Service are also rendered by us. 

What We Deal In?

Our company is engaged in the importing, trading, supplying, wholesaling and distribution of a wide assortment of solar products and various other engineering solutions such as the ones mentioned below:
  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar Cable
  • Solar PV Module
  • Earthing Products
  • Lightning Arrester
  • MC4 Connectors
  • Array Junction Box
  • AC Distribution Box
  • Panel Mounting Structures
  • Solar Power System Installation
  • Solar Panel Installation Service
What We Do?

Our company also provides the following services:
  • Solar EPC Service
  • Solar System Installation Service
Our Packaging and Storing System

For the goods safety we pack it in excellent quality double and tripled layer packaging materials that are strong enough to keep the products damage free from moisture, abrasion, breaking etc. Our warehouse is built on a capacious area land in which we store bulk quantity of goods after obtaining it from the dealers. Material handling systems are used by our store keeping personnel for the placing, loading and unloading of the stocks. 

Our Company's Mission

By staying committed to our quality practices and customers, we wish to achieve the leading position in the industry as a solar products dealers. All our employees are working hard towards achieving this goal as without team work nothing is impossible. Besides, this our other goals that we have set for ourselves include attaining maximum client satisfaction, expanding our distribution network and becoming the one-sort-of-shop of unmatched numbers of solar solutions.